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Villas for Sale in Majorca

Owning their own little piece of Mallorca is a dream for holidaymakers and for expats alike. Sunny and warm weather throughout the year, beautiful beaches, authentic towns and villages and of course its magnificent landscape make Mallorca your first choice when thinking of buying a holiday villa abroad.

Imagine yourself staying in your own Mallocan home – this would be a dream come true. There is of course a large choice of beautiful and affordable villas for sale in Mallorca.

Whether you are looking for a villa with pool near the beach or a romantic finca with land and olive trees, your villa for sale in Mallorca is awaiting you.

The location of your new holiday or residential home can be wherever you like: chose Mallorca’s east coast if your favourite past time is relaxing on the beach. Enjoy the many benefits this main tourist destination has to offer: restaurants, clubs, shops and a lot of tourist activities.

Those who seek calm and nature should make their choice amongst the villas for sale in the northeast and the north of Mallorca. This is the perfect location for lovers of unspoilt nature, historic buildings and a relaxed way of life. There are as well beautiful villas for sale in the Mallorcan mountains.

Restaurants in Mallorca

When owning your own Mallorcan villa, you will come to enjoy the many restaurants Mallorca has to offer. Breakfast restaurants, cafés and delis, beach bars, Italian & pizza restaurants but typical Mallorcan restaurants as well – you will be spoilt for choice.

Traditional Mallorcan cuisine is a mix of meat or fish with fresh vegetables, seasoned with lots of garlic and olive oil.

Tapas are an integral part of the authentic Mallorcan cuisine. Enjoy the beautifully arranged compositions of cold or hot goodies in one of the many tapas bars.

Places to visit in Mallorca

Coast, caves and rocks: the Mallorcan east coast is home of the most popular cave systems Cuevas del Drach and Coves de Artà. In the northwest, the beautiful Coves de Campanet await your visit. Guided tours are available at all of the above locations. Lovers of stalagmites, stalactites and underground lakes will be thrilled to take a trip through these magnificent caverns. 

Churches and cathedrals: the most iconic building in Mallorca is Palma de Mallorcas 13th century cathedral La Seu. Middle age churches and sanctuaries are to be found all over the island, each Mallorcan village having its own church.  

Nature parks: Mallorca offers an outstandingly beautiful landscape with several natural reserves. Two of them are even located off the coast on beautiful islands: Sa Dragonera Natural Park (west coast) and the Cabrera Island Archipelago (south coast).

So we invite you to choose amongst our beautiful villas for sale in Mallorca. We will gladly assist you in finding your dream home for enjoying the many interesting places and activities Mallorca has to offer.

Best locations to stay in Mallorca

When looking for villas for sale in Mallorca you will find it hard to make your choice. There are so many interesting and beautiful spots all over the island. However, two places are our favourite locations to stay:


When looking for your own little piece of Mallorca, you should take a look at the town of Alcúdia. It is located in the northern part of Mallorca and stands out with its rich Roman and Catalan heritage. A 14th century city wall encloses the city centre with its narrow little streets. When buying your dream villa in this Mallorcan town you will get to enjoy the authentic Mallorcan flair AND be only 5 km away from beautiful beaches.  We have a large choice of villas for sale in or near Alcúdia.

Puerto Pollensa

Another interesting spot is the former fishing village, Puerto Pollensa which is now one of the preferred beach resorts in Mallorca. Owning your villa in this little authentic village will give you plenty of time to spend relaxing hours at the beach and to surround you with beautiful and authentic nature. If you like to spend your time with activities like hiking or cycling in the lush Mallorcan nature, this is one of the best places to stay.

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